AlterEgo Saxophone Duo

Born in the chair of saxophone Sixto Herrero at the Conservatory of Music "Oscar Esplá de Alicante in 2021. Its main objective is focused on the contribution to the development and enrichment of the repertoire of the saxophone in the duo format, through close contact with different composers.

Has performed some concerts in halls prestigious in the Auditorium of the Diputación de Alicante (ADDA), the Auditorium Martín Codax in Vigo, the Municipal Theater of Orihuela, the Auditorium of the Music of Catral and the Instituto Alicantino de Cultura Juan Gil-Albert.

It is currently in work records recording of pieces written by Sixto Herrero, Ricardo Currency and Marco Mancini, with the purpose of contributing to the dissemination of this new repertoire.

The name has been taken of the meaning of the word Alter Ego ("The other I"), referring to a person that, with respect to the other, it is very identified with their opinions or way of acting. So, in this form of chamber music, we can translate in two saxophones different with the same idea and creating a single body of sound.


Two bodies, a sound


INSIGNIFICANT.........................SIXTO HERRERO (Two saxophones High Mib)

ALTEREGO *...........................MARCO MANCINI (Two saxophones High Mib)


The repertoire proposed by AlterEgo Saxophone Duo is synonymous with innovation and originality. As already specified, the program's title, ‘Two bodies, a sound’, the aim is to create a single voice, through the symbiosis of the two bodies sound.

The program consists of the interpretations of Insignificantwritten by the Spanish composer Sixto Herrero, and AlterEgo, a piece commissioned to represent the concept of the Duo, written by the young Italian composer Marco Mancini. Insignificant it was preestrenada in 2021 by AlterEgo Saxophone Duo after some revisions and corrections made by the composer. To AlterEgoinstead, it is an absolute first.


Kimberly Cruel Castrillon

Nico Chirichella


Paraninfo of the University of Las Palmas de G. C

C. Juan de Quesada, n. 30 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Día: Viernes, 8 de diciembre 

Hora: 14:40h – 15:00h