David Dees Quartet

The David Dees Quartet is based at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Baritone saxophonist Carlton Graves and alto saxophonist Natalie Wilson are current seniors at TTU and Christine Ewald graduated with an MM in performance in Spring 2023. David Dees is Professor of Saxophone and a member of the Texas

Tech University Teaching Academy.


Aria with 30 Variations "Goldberg Variations"


Aria with 30 Variations (the Goldberg Variations) BWV 988.......................J. S. Bach (arr: David Maslanka)


Variation 1 Allegro Moderato

Variation 2 Andante

Variation 3-Canon at the Unison

Variation 4 A little meno mosso

Variation 5 Vivace

Variation 6 is a Canon at the Second

Variation 7 Vivace

Variation 8 Allegro

Variation 9 Canon at the Third

Variation 10 Fughetta

Variation 11 Molto Vivace

Variation 12-Canon at the Fourth

Variation 13 Andante

Variation 14 Allegro ma non troppo

Variation 15-Canon at the Fifth (in contrary motion)

Variation 16 Overture

Variation 17 Vivace

Variation 18-Canon at the Sixth

Variation 19 Allegretto

Variation 20 Allegro

Variation 21 Canon at the Seventh

Variation 22 Allegro

Variation 23 Vivace

Variation 24 Canon at the Octave

Variation 25 Larghetto

Variation 26 Vivace

Variation 27 Canon at the Ninth

Variation 28 Moderato

Variation 29 Allegro Vivace

Variation 30 Quodlibet

Aria (da capo)


Natalie Wilson

Christine Ewald

Carlton Serious

David Dees


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Day: Friday, December 8. 

Time: 12:30pm – 12:50h