Emma Di Marco

Dr. Emma Di Marco is classical music, expert in music education, and the founder of the brand of personal development Emma & Vincent. Passionate advocate for australian music and supporting other women in a music industry dominated by men, Emma has been consolidated as an interpreter, experienced and talented in stages all over the world. Emma is a member of D Addario Woodwinds Endorsed Ar8st, has received the prestigious scholarship Churchill Fellowship and holds a phd in Musicology. In his work as an educator musical, Emma has become a leader in the improvement of the teaching of the wind instruments, the support and the growth of music education programs (especially through challenging programs as Covid-19) and the integration of cutting-edge research in neuroscience education in the teaching practice daily. Emma plays regularly all the saxophones and teaches at the University of Queensland in Brisbane (Australia).

As a champion of australian music, Emma has toured Australia multiple times with programs that consisted of works by australian special charge. These performances counted with the collaboration of australian artists as Nexas Quartet, and HourglassEnsemble. Emma has given recitals in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart, and has performed internationally in united States, United Kingdom, France, Ukraine and Croatia. Is a regular in the sector conferences, with multiple performances in three World Congresses of Saxophone (Zagreb 2018, Strasbourg 2015, St Andrews, 2012), the Australian Conference of Saxophone and Clarinet (Sydney 2013), and the Festival Australian Clarinet and Saxophone (Melbourne, 2011). Emma has done two tours in solitary Australia -Shimmer in 2016 and East Coast Tour in 2014 - in which he presented new compositions for saxophone solo young composers australians.

Emma is a founding member of the acclaimed chamber ensemble Barega SaxophoneQuartet. His involvement with Barega has led to the commissioning of more than a dozen new works for quartet of saxophones, multiple tours, interstate and international, as well as collaborations with Trichotomy, Hourglass Ensemble, Queensland Wind Orchestra, the Lyre Duo and various visual artists. In 2016, Barega he performed as soloist with the Queensland Wind Orchestra and performed the Concert for a quartet of saxophone and wind ensemble by David Maslanka. Barega Saxophone Quartet released their debut album, Three Serpents, in 2015, which included compositions by australian written especially for the ensemble. Their second album, Abandon Control, was published at the end of 2017 and presents a wide selection of contemporary repertoire for four saxophones both composers australians as young artists. Both albums are in collaboration with the visual artist Megan Crocombe. The set took place performances abroad in 2018 (Zagreb, Croatia), in addition to participating locally in Brisbane with Made Now Music and the Queensland Conservatorium.


Silence / White Noise


NEW COMMISSIONED WORK (TITLE TBC)...................... Thomas Green (World premiere), 

SILENCE / WHITE NOISE.................................................... Emma Di Marco (World premiere)

NEW COMMISSIONED WORK (TITLE TBC) ....................Jenni Watson (A specially commissioned piece which unites the program)


Silence / white Noise" explores the vast bridge between the silence and the isola;on hearing and the constant "noise" in the background of the life moderna. The inspiration for the program came when the saxophonist Emma Di Marco began to explore his need to always be surrounded by white noise. Reflecting, says: "I had Never come that is a little strange to want to always have the tv or radio on in the background, even when we are doing things at home or even in the same room from which the sound". This feeling of being always more comfortable with the white noise fascinates me because sometimes you find yourself with moments of silence and the contrast is really shocking. In a way, my need of sound around me makes the stills are much more intense. The silence is full of different meanings... Silence is comfortable and relaxing; silence full of yearning or anxiety; eerie silence, as if I would have stopped." So, musically, the program explores the difference between the sounds fluids, rambling and changing, and the absolute silence. It is played with different musical ideas, and are developed in a style very improvisatorio interspersed with silences and sub-channels.

In the new work of Thomas Green, an accompaniment track adds another layer of contrast, and rawness to the music, and exemplifies the fantastic electronic avant-garde for that Green is famous. The previous work commissioned to Green, "Shimmer", was written for Emma interpreted in the WSC of Strasbourg with great success and remains one of the most requested of the australian music for saxophone. This collaboration of Di Marco and Green promises to be a musical not to be missed.


Emma Di Marco


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