Folium Fugit

Folium Fugit is a quartet of saxophones, comprising: David Alonso, Tomás Jerez, Jordi Fuster and David Pons. 

Folium, from the Latin, means leaf, and represents the history through which the musical legacy he has been given, in both cultural heritage, from ancient times. Fugit represents the relentlessness of time, the unique reality and last of the true existence, the pure definition of the recreation of the fact that music as an art of time, a philosophical concept based on the evidence that the music can only be recreated in the precise and unique present moment. Here and now.

Folium Fugit build their repertoires through this paradox, based on masterpieces of universal music chamber adapted to a modern tool such as the saxophone, linking up with the music of our times, written especially for the formation of a quartet of saxophones.

The group has participated, among other actions, in the International Music Festival in Almonacid del Marquesado, in the VIII International Festival of Saxophone and Jazz Villa de Teror (Gran Canaria), X series of Concerts of contemporary music at the Fundación BBVA, Bilbao, in the Museo Vostell of Malpartida de Cáceres, or in the X-Cycle Current Music of Badajoz, supported by the CNDM, with the world premieres of Gabriel Erkoreka, José Luis Turina and Leandro Lorrio, in addition to the premiere in Spain of the piece Composition Verticale of Alexandros Markeas.

In parallel to his activity as a group, its members developed an intense teaching activity and art: David Alonso (soprano sax) is a tenured professor at the Conservatory “Hermanos Berzosa” of Cáceres and collaborator of the Spanish National Orchestra (NSO); Thomas, Sherry (alto sax) is a soloist and professor of the Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Albacete; Jordi Fuster (tenor sax) is a professor at the Conservatory “Luis Millan” from Xativa and David Pons (baritone sax) is Professor of the Conservatory of Music “Manuel Massotti” of Murcia and a collaborator with the National Orchestra of Spain (ONE).

Currently, they are immersed in the interpretation and exploration of the eclectic repertoire that has marked the beginnings of the group, a project that has recently led to the creation of the AXIS, their first album together.                                         

A concert of Folium Fugit is, in short, an acoustic journey whose aim is to reveal the listener into an unknown musical timeless: of where we come from and where we are.


Presentation of the album "AXIS"


Quartet in f menor.................................................................................................. H. Reinhart

      Allegro non troppo    

      Scherzo Vivace     



String quartet N° 8 in c minor, op. 110.............................. D. Shostakóvitch 

           I - Long     

          II - Allegro molto      

         III - Allegretto      

         IV - Long    

         V - Long  


AXIS responds to the shaft that connects different worlds (such as the Axis mundi). The name of the CD refers to the axis that connects to four individuals in favour of a single identity and a single common goal, both in the musical and personal.

AXIS is also the second cervical vertebra, which enables the rotation of the head. In our case, and as a group, able to rotate and look in any direction is key to tackling any type of repertoire with an instrument as chameleon-like as the saxophone. 

AXIS represents, therefore, a seal, a personality, a DNA common leads us to understand the saxophone from the same prism. The works, therefore, respond to this philosophy that unites us: the selected repertoire brings together the base of the classical expression of the transparency, which allows us to deal with all the nuances possible in the repertoire of contemporary creation. It is therefore the classic, without a doubt, the thread that intends to become the backbone of our album.


David Alonso Serena

Tomás Jerez Munera

Jorge Fuster Pérez

David Pons Grau


Paraninfo of the University of Las Palmas de G. C

C. Juan de Quesada, n. 30, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Día: Viernes, 8 de diciembre

Hora: 15:30h – 16:15h