Lisbon Metropolitan Saxophone Ensemble

Born in Macieira de Cambra, graduated from the University of Aveiro, where completed a Degree in Performance and a Masters in Music Teaching in the area of saxophone. He is currently an artist for the Buffet Crampon and regularly performs on stages nationals and internationals. In 2021, he released his 1st album entitled “ROAD”, which already has 3 editions. As a soloist, he won 1st prize at the International Wind Instruments Competition “Terras De La Salette” in which he had already obtained the 2nd prize previously and was selected for participate in the “Université Européenne de Saxophone Gap 2013”, in France. In ensemble music, he collaborated with several orchestras such as Banda Sinfónica Portuguese, Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras, Aere Symphonic Ensemble and ARMAB (Amigos da Branca Recreational and Musical Association). In addition, it often integrates chamber music ensembles with piano, string quartet and saxophones. The saxophonist has participated in several national and international festivals in the which stand out FISP, GondoSax Fest, PeruSax, Sevilla Sax Meeting and Vigo Sax Forum. He collects works dedicated to himself, written by renowned composers, and absolute premieres in concert of pieces for saxophone solo and ensemble. In his career as a teacher, in addition to guiding several masterclasses inside and outside the country, teaches at the Artistic School of the Conservatory of Music of Aveiro Calouste Gulbenkian.


Portuguese Music on the saxophone



DIVERTIMENTO Nº1 FOR ORCHESTRA, OP. 36……………..Joly Braga Santos (Arr. Rafael Baptista)

SHORTCUTS………………………………………..Luís Tinoco

LABYRINTH…………………………………………Lino Guerreiro

GUME *……………………………………………………Tomás Márquez (Estreno absoluto)



Divertimento nº 1 was premiered in Naples on March 4, 1961 by the Scarlatti Orchestra under the direction of Joly Braga Santos and broadcasted by Radio televisão Italiana (RAI). Emphasizing the opportune comment by Maria da Piedade Braga Santos: « In this work, the composer emphasizes the soloists of the orchestra, exploring the possibilities of each instrument to the maximum. The writing of the instrumental ensemble is also virtuosic». An unavoidable feature of his personality, brilliant melodic approach is here supported by an expressive and rhythmically lively orchestration, the composer managing to reconcile the exploration of the potential of the instruments with the construction of a work that is extremely appealing to the public. Short Cuts was commissioned by the Apollo Saxophone Quartet in 2003/4 and was originally scored for two sopranos, one tenor and one baritone. This new version, however, asks for a different scoring of two Soprano Saxophones, one Tenor Saxophone, one Baritone Saxophone and Percussion (Vibraphone and Marimba). The work’s main purpose is to play with two possible meanings for " Short Cuts ". That is, both with the idea of sharp and cutting musical gestures and the idea of taking a different, shorter, path to reach a specific destination. But, most of all, it was written thinking of the wonderful sonority and the rare qualities of the ASQ, to whom thework was dedicated. The intersection between two sound universes, which takes us on a short journey through a labyrinth that at times reveals itself to be transparent, but in a sudden turn makes us question what universe we are really in.


João Pedro Silva

Manuel Teles

Mauro Cardoso

Eduardo Azevedo

Miguel Santos

Bernardo Fraga

Daniel Caetano

Sofia Ferreira

António Neves

Andreia Silva

Diogo Batista


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