Robert Finegan

Described as "one of the saxophonists irish most exciting of the last generation," Robert Finegan is an award-winning saxophonist based in London.

Passionate about new music, Robert works closely with composers all over the world in the production of new works. His most recent projects include "Modern View of Ancient Ireland" for saxophone and electronics and "Paris Chapters" for saxophone, voice and piano, based on irish writers in Paris. These original projects have been performed in Ireland, the United Kingdom, France and Croatia.

Robert is an avid soloist and chamber musician that acts at festivals across Europe, such as the Festival of Bloomsbury (Uk), the Festival of Lussan (France), and the Festival Creative Connexions of Sitges (Spain).

In addition to festivals, Robert has performed in venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, the National Concert Hall in Dublin, the Ulster Hall in Belfast, the Guildhall in Derry, the Rudolf Steiner Hall and the Embassy of Ireland in London. In addition to the performances as a soloist, he has performed with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, the Orchestra, the Ulster Orchestra of the Festival, Britten and Shostakovich, Symphony Orchestra, RCM, the Philharmonic Orchestra and the Jazz Orchestra. 

In 2021, Robert completed the Master of Interpretation at the Royal College of Music in London, where he studied with Kyle Horch and he was a fellow of Dr. Michael West. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Music at the Conservatory of Dublin, where he studied with Kevin Hanafin. There he received the Gold Medal McNamara Excellence in their Interpretation of the End of the Race.

In 2018, Robert became the first saxophonist to become endosatario saxophone Yanagisawa and reed Vandoren of the Republic of Ireland.


Modern View of Ancient Ireland


Luminescence...................................................................Christopher Moriarty (*world premiere of new version)

Three Louth Legends...............................................John Buckley

Mvt 1 – Salmon of Knowledge

Mvt 2 – Cuchulainn and Ferdia

Mvt 3 – Brown Bull of Cooley


"Modern View of Ancient Ireland" is a series of works for saxophone and electronic composers irish, commissioned by Robert. Each piece of the series deals with a different aspect of the rich history and culture of ancient Ireland.

This project, which describes from the beautiful landscapes that surround the island up to the legends and folklore are taught to children from a young age, is very personal to Robert. The incorporation of electronics along with the personal visions of the composers irish contemporaries provides a vision moderna of these old songs.

Christopher Moriarty (n.1993) – Luminescence (*world premiere of the new version)
Beyond, in the great sea of grass Delirium, stands a remote hill crowned with groves. The mismúsica of this place rises in steam bright, enroscándose in great spirals of iridescence.

On the canopy undulating twists and turns, a triskelion luminescent snake gold; a myriad of creatures writhe and consume to be reborn, rotate and consumed again. You try to close in, and this one refuses to be captured: forever on the horizon blazing to the twilight.

Enrolled in the Large Golden Doors of the Magic City, we find this same symbol, which concentrates the mistmúsica of this distant hill in the seven temples of stone fall that surround the walls of the city. From these sanctuaries, the Crystal Tower, located in the City's central plaza Magic, captures large and tangled rainbow of light that illuminate the streets jaspeadas of the city."

John Buckley (n. 1951) – Three legends of Louth

Mvt 1 – The Salmon of Knowledge

Mvt 2 – Cuchulainn and Ferdia

Mvt 3 – Brown Bull of Cooley

Louth not only is the home county of Robert, but that it is also known as the land of Legends. Three of the greatest sagas located there are the basis of the work: The Salmon of Knowledge, Cuchulainn and Ferdia and The Bull Pardo Cooley.

Each of the three movements is inspired by and draws its character and mood of the legends mentioned: lyric, heroic, dramatic. These legends have not only a great national significance, but they are known throughout the world as the more in-depth representation of our early heritage celtic.


Robert Finegan


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