Roman Mymryk

Mymryk Roman was born on December 22, 2004 in Kiev, Ukraine. Student of the 1st year of the National Academy of Music, which carries the name of P. I. Tchaikovsky. A graduate of the KSSMSH that bears the name of M. V. Lysenko. Class of the Artist in Honor of Ukraine, Professor Mykhailo Mymryk. Winner of international competitions:
– VI International Competition of E. Stankovych (Kiev) 1st prize;
– Art of the XXI century " (Kiev) 1st prize;
– National competition Ukrainian "Horizons classics" (Kiev), 1st prize;
– II prize in the Ukrainian "Classic Meridian" (Kiev);
– International music competition in memory of M. Sposito (Kiev) 1st prize;
– International competition "Vin venti" (Vinnytsia) 1st prize;
– Grand Prize "Art in the TWENTY-first century" (Kiev);
-II International Art Competition "RazGrazioso" (Turkey), Grand Prix

Fellow of the National Fund "Ukraine for children". Participated in master classes with renowned saxophonists in the world: K. Delangle, Zh.-D. Misha, P. Gusnara, M. Shaposhnikova, N. Zimina.
He participated in the artistic projects of our state institutions: the national project "I Am a virtuous", "summer Academy of the arts", "Miracles of winter", "Bravo Sax", "music Festival in Kiev", "For the future".
Tour in many cities of Ukraine: Kharkiv, Odessa, Mariupol, Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi, Zhytomyr, Lviv. Acted with well-known sets of Ukraine: "Honored Symphony Orchestra Academic Radio Ukraine", Chamber Orchestra P. I. Tchaikovsky of the NAU, Chamber Orchestra of Mariupol "Renaissance", a Set of Chamber and Instrumental Soloists of the Kyiv" and "Quartet of Kyiv". National philharmonic of Ukraine ".

      Enthusiast of classical music, moderna and new in Ukraine


Modern music of Ukrainian composers only for alto saxophone


"Homo Ludens" (Only)...........................Volodymyr Runchak 

"A bit of music in honour of Adolphe Sax" (Only)........................Volodymyr Runchak

"Voice of Loneliness" (Only)..........................Taras Buevski

"In search of the way" ( Only).....................Ivan Taranenko


The rapid development of the interpretation of the saxophone in the centuries XX-XXI is not only connected with the improvement of the traditional ways of playing, but also with the expansion of the sphere of expressive possibilities of the saxophone due to the emergence of new techniques and means of interpretation of the saxophone Ukrainian modern. This process is related to the search for a part of the composers ukrainians from new and, in many ways, unusual possibilities timbre and sound of the fabric of music, which included more qualitative in solo works, and instruments of camera.

The expressive palette of timbre and sound attracts the composer Ukrainian modern, both for research purposes as the attempt to reflect a wide range of generalizations artistic and philosophical of our time.


Roman Mymryk


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