Spectrum Saxophonquartett

The Spectrum Saxophone Quartet, consisting of Stephanie Schoiswohl, Florian Bauer, Daniel Dundus and Severin Neubauer, is a young and dynamic ensemble from Austria which was founded in 2020. The musicians obtained their training in Classical and Contemporary Saxophone at the KUG - University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (Austria) with Prof. Gerald Preinfalk. The four members of the ensemble are not only connected through their academic training but also through a long friendship and collaborations in numerous genres. Even though only founded in 2020, the quartet can already look upon a multitude of successful concerts on a national and international stage. The Spectrum Saxophone Quartet was accepted for “The New Austrian Sound of Music (NASOM) 2023/24“, a sponsorship scheme by the BMEIA in cooperation with mica in the category “Contemporary Music“. With the new CD “en dehors“, the Spectrum Saxophone Quartet puts their musical goals centre stage, in order to elicit a broad spectrum of facets and sound innovations from their instruments and to bring the variety of Austrian contemporary saxophone music to the limelight. SPECTRUM – a young ensemble that entirely focuses on the saxophone and its infinite artistic possibilities.


La Gammonaira


Akolo...................................................... Jakob Gruchmann

Never.......................................................Ursula Reicher

The Gammonaira............................Gerald Preinfalk


Akolo (2023) – Jakob Gruchmann (*1991)

Jakob Gruchmann is an Austrian composer and Professor for composi7on at the Gustav Mahler Private University of Music in Klagenfurt (Austria). He was studying composi7on with famous composers as Gerd Kühr and Johannes Maria Staud. His piece „Akolo“ describes the saxophone quartet in the form of a canonical technique. It’s a fast rhythmical composi7on that asks for big dynamical differences in every register of the saxophone.

Never (2023) – Ursula Reicher (*1992)

Ursula Reicher is an Austrian jazz singer and composer who works with different ensembles in every musical style. She graduated at the University of music and performing arts in Graz (Austria) and lives currently as a freelance musician in Vienna. The composition „Never“ is inspired by a statement of Carla Bley, who said „You should NEVER give up in your musical life“. Ursula Reicher combines in „Never“ her knowledge of jazz with contemporary music and gives the music a special timbre to express your emotions.

The Gammonaira (2023) – Gerald Preinfalk (*1971)

Gerald Preinfalk is an Austrian saxophonist and Professor at the University of music and performing arts in Graz (Austria). He is a member of the Klangforum Wien and works with different musicians in every genre. „La Gammonaira“ is the game of 100 options and was inspired by many mee7ngs between the quartet and the composer and a travel to Spain (Finca La Donaira). Gerald Preinfalk uses a variety of contemporary techniques for saxophone and expresses his compositional language in a virtuosic and lyrical way. He dedicated „La Gammonaira“ to his former students of the Spectrum Saxophone Quartet.

All the works have been written especially for the Spectrum, Saxophone Quartet, and will be interpreted for the first time in Spain.


Stephanie Schoiswohl

Florian Bauer

Daniel Dundus

Severin Neubauer


Gabinete Literario

Pl. of Cairasco, 1, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Day: Friday, December 8. 

Hora: 20:20h- 21:00h