Synthèse Quartet

Inspired by the idea of "synthesis" as different elements that, when combined, they develop a unique result, they decided to compare this analogy with the members and give this name to the group. The participants of this award-winning chamber ensemble coming from different parts of Spain (Zaragoza, Badajoz and Madrid). The search for a broad knowledge of chamber music through the quartet of saxophones has led them to reside in Berlin, where they maintain a close contact with the members of the Artemis Quartett (Gregor Sigl, Eckart Runge, or the current concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic, Vineta Sareika). However, they have received advice of respected saxophonists as Angel Soria, Mariano Garcia in Vincent David. Among his more than 25 awards include First Prizes in the Competition jeunesses Musicales of Spain, in the International Competition of Arnuero (Santander), in the International Music Contest Léopold Bellan (Paris) and at the International Competition "Friends of Chamber Romanesque architecture" of Andorra. They have performed in important venues, national and international, such as the Berlin Philharmonic hall and the National Theatre of Croatia. Have been invited to the cycle of contemporary music and the cycle of chamber music of the Philharmonic Society of Badajoz and the international project "Musethica". Feature sponsorship from major domestic and foreign brand names such as: Vandoren France, JLV Sound, Instrumentomania, PuntoRep and Mafermusica.


New saxophone quartet by Jorge Grundman


Don't you know Yet? It is your light thet lights the World.................................Jorge Grundman (World Premiere)

     I. Unknown (We will send the name when the piece is finished) 

     II. Unknown (We will send the name when the piece is finished) 

     III. Unknown (We will send the name when the piece is finished)


"Music is for sharing" is one of the thoughts more important towards a synthesis of the Quartet. It is important for us because we always want to share the music with the audience and make you enjoy our work.This concert is born of a continuous goal of the group, to increase the repertoire for quartet of saxophones. Therefore, this new quartet of saxophones has been entrusted to the famous composer Jorge Grundman. Born in 1961, is a classical composer Spanish, musicologist, musician and teacher who has helped to recover the music of Robert Kahn and Adalbert Gyrowetz, among others, through the musical foundation non-profit created by him. His works have been interpreted and disseminated mainly in the united States, Canada, London, France, Japan, Brazil and Spain. There are many soloists and ensembles who have performed the music of Grundman as Alisa Weilerstein, Guy Braunstein, Brodsky Quartet, Ara Malikian, etc. - His works have been premiered at music venues such as Carnegie Hall, Berlin Philharmonic, National Auditorium of Music in Madrid, Teatro de la Zarzuela de Madrid, Teatro Nacional de Brasilia, Trinity Cathedral of California, West Valley College Theater, or the Church of The Painful Quito, among others. The music that he writes Grundman does not belong to any avant-garde style. Closest to the tonal music that neorromántica, his music is predominantly emotional because of its extensive use of minor chords and tonal consonants. In his childhood he was part of several pop bands in Spain, and later turned his attention compositional towards music new-age. He has also written music for films and television programs, and in the classic scene makes a fusion of all these elements with your personal touch.


Ismael Arroyo Blázquez

Javier Valero Aladrén

Angela Romera Guardian

Raul Phlox Prado


Paraninfo of the University of Las Palmas de G. C

C. Juan de Quesada, n. 30, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Día: Viernes, 8 de diciembre

Hora: 18:00h – 18:20h