1.- Travel to Gran Canaria by plane

Gran Canaria airport
The airport of Gran Canaria, located on the east coast of the island is the gateway for millions of tourists annually visit our island.
Gran Canaria airport is located 25 km away from one of the main tourist centers of the island (the area south of Gran Canaria), and 18 km from the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
With a traffic volume of more than 13 million passengers recorded in 2019the Gran Canaria airport is currently the busiest airport by air traffic in the canary archipelago and one of the most important at the national level.
Its geographic location and its optimal weather conditions, with clear skies in almost the entirety of the year, contribute to consider the Gran Canaria airport as one of the airports more secure in the world, extending its operations during the 24 hours of the day.

Useful information
Phone care to the traveller: (+34) 928 579 095 

Transportation from the airport to the city center



The most economical way to go from Gran Canaria Airport to the city center of Las Palmas is taking the bus number 60of the Global company.

Frequency: you will have a bus number 60, to go from Gran Canaria Airport to the centre of Las Palmas, every half hour.

Stops: in the Airport of Gran Canaria you will find the bus stop just in front of the hall of Outputs. In Las Palmas, the stops are located in the two bus stations in the city: San Telmo and Santa Catalina.

Duration: the journey between the Airport of Gran Canaria and Las Palmas is about 30-45 minutes.

Opening hours: from Las Palmas, the first bus departs at 5:15.m. and the last at 22:15. From the Airport of Gran Canaria, the first service starts at 06:15 and the last at 23:15. During almost all hours of the day, there's one in the room, and the other at least fourth. Except from the 20 hours that depart from the center, and 21 hours depart from Gran Canaria Airport.

Prices and tickets: a ticket from the Airport of Gran Canaria to the station of San Telmo costs 2,30€. Santa Catalina cost you 2,95€.

Other alternatives are the bus 1, 11 and 91, while for the night you will only be able to take the number 5.


One of the means of transport more comfortable from Gran Canaria Airport to go to the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria are, without a doubt, the taxis.

The average duration of the journey to the center of Las Palmas is 20 minutes.

The taxi service at the Airport of Gran Canaria is very useful, because it allows you to travel to any part of the city, with the convenience, speed and security that we characterize. In addition, we taxi fares in Las Palmas are the cheapest in Spain!


The official taxis carry a meter and are easily identifiable.

Be able to distinguish the official taxis since they are white with a red stripe and the coat of arms of the city of Las Palmas.


We recommend that you decline offers of drivers out of the taxi rank official.

If you want to make a complaint, we recommend you ask for a ticket of the journey the driver.


Taxis can be found on the official stops a taxi in the Airport of Gran Canaria, on the ground Floor in Arrivals, but they are also located in different areas of the terminal.


See below the fixed fees:

 – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Parque San Telmo): 27,95 € approximately

– Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Parque Santa Catalina): 32,35 € approximately